Thank You For Your Support!
Thank You For Your Support!

Durham Chapter - NCCU Alumni
"The NCCU Clutch Closet"

The Durham Chapter - NCCU Alumni Association, invites all our NCCU Eagle family and friends to join us for more enjoyment of our NCCU Alumni Association fellowship and events. We encourage you to join us for our Durham Chapter  contribution to the NCCU "Clutch Closet." Please learn more below! The Sound Machine Booster Club will also meet via on every 2nd Wednesday of each month. The Durham Chapter - NCCU Alumni, will meet via on each 3rd Thursday of the month during the current COVID-19 pandemic emergency.

The SEEM Committee has partnered with the NCCU Career & Development Center to obtain NEW professional attire or donations for NCCU's Clutch Closet. NCCU Career & Development Center is partnering with JC Penney's for their Suit-UP Online Event. The Durham Chapter will be donating $500.00 to purchase professional attire.  If you would like to make a financial donation, donate via CashApp or Paypal at Be sure to indicate "The Clutch Closet" in the Comment or Notes Field. The following items are needed: black, navy, or gray slacks, blazers, skirts, and suits; white button-ups; ties and hosiery. Sizes from 00 - 20, XXS - 3XL are needed with an emphasis on women's 0-10 in suits. A 30% off coupon can be obtained by texting SUITUP20 to 67292. All donations are due by Sunday, October 31st, 2021 (disregard the dates on the flyer). Contact Carolyn Ramsey-Williams ( / 919-368-1403)  if you have any questions. Check out the following video @

The Durham Chapter - NCCU Alumni Association
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